Affordable Apartments near Lockheed Martin in Ft. Worth

All of us at Sansom Bluff Apartments know that there are many features you want for your ideal home. We also know you’ll find many, if not all of these things, right here! Items like first-rate amenities, beautiful finishings, complimentary resident services, and even a fitness center and swimming pool. But finding your new home involves much more than locating a brick-and-mortar structure in which to live, especially if you’re looking for apartments near Lockheed Martin in Ft. Worth.

We know that you must also consider the neighborhood into which you move—its schools, public services, parks and recreation, and more. That’s why we chose to build Sansom Bluff Apartments in an ideal, much-desired prime location.


Location. Location. Location. High On The Checklist!

One aspect of choosing a home that is of utmost importance to many is how long of a commute they have to work, traveling from home to their place of employment and back. It’s a serious consideration.


Did you know…

  • Sansom Bluff Apartments are located just 16 minutes away from Lockheed Martin in Ft. Worth
  • American Airlines is a quick direct drive via Interstate 820 TEXpress & 183
  • The location of Sansom Bluff Apartments is also convenient for employees of Textron, Ft. Worth Meacham Airport, and many other local and prominent employers.


When asked what they like about living at Samson Bluff Apartments, many residents applaud the convenient location with easy access to any destination in the Dallas metro area, easy access to local attractions, shopping, dining, and entertainment … and that Sansom Bluffs are beautiful, affordable apartments in Sansom Park.

A small city just southwest of Dallas and northwest of Fort Worth, Sansom Park was incorporated in 1949. It continually and eagerly welcomes development and investment in its infrastructure and aesthetics. Because of this, significant employers have established themselves here and more continue to seek a home in our midst. Many of their employees are thrilled to have found homes at Sansom Bluff Apartments.

It’s our goal to ensure you can check off everything on your must-have list. So come talk with us. We’d love to welcome you and your family to Sansom Bluff Apartments.